I’m pleased to share that I had a phenomenal response to the Picture A Scientist screening! With over 500 registrants (Can I get a Wow! here?), I easily maxed out my mass-emailing allowance in gmail, and so I switched to using the twitchy email Hopkins server to send out the screening information to the remaining folks. So, if you registered, you should have the screening information now. Recall that I cast a broad net across Johns Hopkins that includes Homewood, JHMI and JHSPH and the screening is open to faculty, staff and students. 

If you did not receive an email  on how to watch the film, just send me a quick note with “Picture A Scientist access” in the subject line, and I’ll get you the information. I’m not publicly posting the link to avoid getting spammed. The film should be open until midnight on Thursday.


I’ve had a couple of request from those outside of Hopkins. I personally would love for the whole world to see this amazing film. Unfortunately, I’m required to limit the screening event to Hopkins affiliates. 

But all is not lost if you are not a Hopkins Affiliate: There is still an opportunity for you to view the film by arranging your own screening. It is super easy to do, currently almost free (only a small fee), and the Picture A Scientist film makers would be thrilled. Just go to the Picture A Scientist website, and click on “HOST A SCREENING” at the top and fill out the form.

And if you’ve never done a panel at your institution, now is a great time to try it! I am always so pleasantly amazed when I ask folks to be panelists. The vast majority of people I ask do accept; everyone brings their life experiences; and it is so empowering for the next generation to listen and learn from their stories.