WoHGllitter02Dominic and I have received the awesome news that the Women of Hopkins project will be recognized by a 2017 Diversity Leadership Council Award. We are humbled and thrilled by this recognition because it shines light on the true heroines in our community: the Women of Hopkins.

This art exhibit created by three engineers and a biophysicist grew out of a desire to expand the images about who we are and who we can become. Pictures can be remarkably persuasive in challenging entrenched stereotypes and can expand the dreams we all carry for ourselves and others. The accomplishments of the Women of Hopkins are models for us all because the barriers faced by many of these women were huge and could easily have prevented their success.

Yet they persisted.

We hope this award will inspire similar persistence and confidence in women at all stages in the pursuits of their goals.  Our challenge to all the young women as they pass by the exhibit in the Mattin Courtyard: will you be among the next Women of Hopkins?

Now for some kudos! An effort like this takes a village of people to make it happen, and thanks goes out to everyone who contributed:

 Our team!  Special recognition goes out to Professor Jeff Gray and graduate student Anna Coughlin from the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, who actively participated in assembling and culling the list of distinguished candidates for inclusion in the first exhibition.

The DLC: Johns Hopkins Diversity Leadership Council, who funded our Diversity Innovation Grant that made Women of Hopkins a reality.

The Prez: President Daniel’s office, who has been overwhelmingly supportive.

The folks at the Mattin Center, who host the actual exhibit.

Jeanine Heynes, Director of Gender Equity – Johns Hopkins is lucky to have such a thoughtful and proactive person in this role.

Valerie Hartman, JHMI instructional designer, who edited each and every biography.

Women of Hopkins biography writers. Thank you all!! We crowd sourced this part of our exhibit to facilitate greater inclusion in our project. Many of our biographers were extraordinarily passionate about their chosen heroine. We encourage you all to peruse their stories.

Jim Stimpert and Jenny Kinniff of the Sheridan Library Special Collections and Timothy Wisniewski of the Chesney Medial archives, who helped us research the Women of Hopkins.

When & Where: The awards ceremony will take place Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 3:30 in the Glass Pavilion on the Homewood campus. It is open to the public. Come celebrate with us!