We are getting close to launching the Women of Hopkins art exhibit later this Fall, in honor of some of JHU’s most accomplished women. But first, we need your help!

There are 23 women in our project, and each needs a short written biography. Unfortunately, I’m not the best writer. If you have a free evening, please consider googling your favorite candidate and writing 3-4 paragraphs about her career. If you do, send it to me at scalise@jhu.edu and we will include your writing on the website with full attribution at the bottom of the corresponding bio page.

See the candidates on our new website:

The only caveat is that the JHU Library will be helping fact check our content before we launch, so please keep track of the sites from which you draw content, and include them as an informal list of links at the bottom of your written biography. This way we can ensure accuracy.

Thank you for your help! We can’t do it alone.