The next workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, April 12th at 5:30pm in Gilman 55. Professor Jeffrey Gray (ChemBE Dept) will lead a discussion on white male privilege in science. Pizza and drinks provided.

When one considers race and gender equity in science, discussions often focus around barriers faced by women and minorities.  The inverse idea, that men and white people have specific advantages, or “privilege,” in their scientific careers, can be challenging because it suggests that individual achievement arises not only due to individual efforts but also due to structural advantages in the scientific culture for white people and men.

Join us for this workshop where we will discuss the concept of “privilege” specifically in the scientific and academic spheres.  We will review data from social scientists studying privilege and data on NIH funding rates, share personal experiences, and consider appropriate and practical responses.

Suggested reading for the workshop:

  1. Peggy McIntosh, “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack,” Peace and Freedom Magazine (1989).

Other relevant papers that will be presented:

  1. Mujcic and Frijters, “Still Not Allowed on the Bus: It Matters If You’re Black or White!” IZA Discussion Paper No. 7300 (2013).

  2. Ginther et al., “Race, Ethnicity, and NIH Research Awards,” Science, (2011).

Questions?  Email Prof. Gray (  No RSVP required, but if you know you’ll make it, drop Prof. Gray a note for the pizza and drink count.