We will kick off the fall with a workshop on the question of whether or not evidence can impact attitudes. This is a really interesting paper that analyzes the public reactions to the evidence of gender bias in STEM fields.

The workshop will take place on Tuesday September 15 at 6pm in Maryland 109. If it is a nice day, we’ll be able to open the double doors and enjoy the fresh air. Pizza and beverages will be served.

Come prepared to discuss the following paper:

If you followed the workshops last year, you will be familiar with the Handelsman 2012 PNAS study whose reaction this workshop paper discusses. If not, it may help to review the 2012 study. The bottom line is that the 2012 article showed that both male and female faculty show an unconscious gender bias that favors male job applicants. This was true for US STEM faculty of all ages and over several disciplines. After its publication, there was quite a bit of press on the article, and the paper we will discuss this fall considers the reactions of the public.

Did the public believe the original study? Or did the evidence lead to a negative backlash? Could reactions be categorized by gender or anything else? We will think about and discuss these questions in this fall’s inaugural workshop on overcoming bias and barriers to women in STEM.

If you think you’ll come and want to eat pizza, please RSVP to me (Karen.Fleming@jhu.edu) so I can be sure to order enough!