Expressions of Emotion by Women in the Workplace Diminish their Status

This is the first spring 2015 workshop on Achieving Gender Equity in Science. The entire schedule can be found here.

In this meeting we will discuss gender differences in the professional impact that emotion plays in the workplace. We will discuss the following paper (linked in the title):

Can an angry woman get ahead? Status conferral, gender, and expression of emotion in the workplace (2008) Brescoll, V.L. & E.L. Uhlmann, Psychol Sci 19: 268-75.

Although the title mentions anger, the paper also discusses the impact of sadness. Take a few minutes to look it over before the workshop so you’ll be prepared to participate in the discussion.

We will meet in Jenkins 107 at 6pm. Pizza and beverages will be served. If you think you will attend, RSVP Karen so she can order enough pizza. It would be a bummer if we ran out of pizza!

Please spread the word about these workshops. A flyer for posting is here: 2015_0120_AchievingGenderEquityFlyer.

The Spring 2015 schedule can be found here. Mark your calendars now for the future workshops:

Tuesday, March 24: Gender bias in letters of recommendation; and

Tuesday Apr 21: Faculty Panel on Women in STEM