Vision 2020 is a report published by Johns Hopkins University and put together by a university committee on the status of women. The committee was assembled in 2002, and the study was published in October 2006. Many of the findings about the experiences of women at JHU recapitulated those in the PNAS study.

Page 40 documents the hostile environment faced by both women faculty and staff. Page 42 has a section on the experiences of faculty members followed by those of women staff members. The case histories discussing the promotion of women faculty are particularly disturbing.

This section is followed on p. 45 by some suggestions for institutional best practices to be adopted. Since this was published (nearly 10 years ago) I will be interested to find out if there are any follow up to evaluate whether or not (or how many of) these institutional best practices have been incorporated into the JHU culture.

The full report can be found here:

Click to access vision_2020_final_report.pdf

This links works as of the posting, however please report a bad link if you come here in the future and cannot read it. It is well worth reviewing.