Background reading:

Beyond Bias and Barriers: Fulfilling the Potential of Women in Academic Science and Engineering (2007)

January 20, 6pm, Jenkins 107: Expressions of emotion by women in the workplace diminish their status


Can an angry woman get ahead? Status conferral, gender, and expression of emotion in the workplace (2008) Brescoll, V.L. & E.L. Uhlmann, Psychol Sci 19: 268-75.

March 24 , 6pm, Jenkins 107: Gender bias in letters of recommendation

April 21 , 6pm, Shaffer 100: Faculty Panel on Women in STEM.

Faculty participants will include:

Trina Schroer, Professor of Biology (JHU KSAS)

Dorothy Beckett, Professor of Chemistry (University of Maryland, College Park)

Jie Xiao, Associate Professor of Biophysics (JHMI)

Lori Graham-Brady, Professor of Civil Engineering (JHU WSE)

Christine Newman, Assistant Dean for Engineering Education (JHU WSE)