BeyondBiasCoverBeyond Bias and Barriers: Fulfilling the Potential of Women in Academic Science and Engineering

I think this should be required reading for all women in STEM.

In 2007, the National Academies of Science and Engineering published a seminal report on the status of women in STEM. This is still an extremely important and comprehensive report that – sadly – documented many barriers to women in STEM.

This report should be required reading for all faculty and graduate students. The findings in this report serve as one basis for initiating this blog and this series of workshops. If you do not have time to read the entire report, the Summary is only 12 pages long.

One reason I believe graduate students should especially read this report is because young women often do not believe that they are or will be discriminated against. This is entirely false for so many reasons. One study the PNAS report cites is that women often do not feel discrimination until they reach the level of associate professor.

The entire report is available free of charge online: